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Our mission is to provide a comfortable, compassionate and educational environment for every patient. We utilize an evidence-based approach to offer answers, not partial truths to keep patients returning. This chiropractic office located in Hanover, MD has one provider and is designed to be accessible, knowledgeable, and honest. There are no treatment packages, mandatory number of visits, or required x-rays. 


Every patient has a goal. It can be as simple as wanting to play with their children without pain. Maybe it’s a round of golf, a pain-free workday, a fitness plan, or achieving a personal/professional record. PMSSR will help each patient achieve their goal through a pain-free strategy of safe, effective, and gentle techniques. With our individualized approach, we help the patient understand their pain and offer methods to control and resolve it through rehabilitation exercises, manual therapies, movement retraining, ergonomic changes, or soft tissue manipulation. We take into account the specific needs of the patient in order to offer the best outcomes possible. 


If you are tired of the large chiropractic office experience, have had poor outcomes from previous providers, been told to rest and take it easy, or stop an activity forever, or offered no explanation as to why your chronic pain persists, then contact us so we can help you return to what is important.


We accept the following insurance plans: 

CareFirst/Blue Cross Blue Shield